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Solving Environmental Problems in Innovative Ways

CCS' projects tackle the challenging problems created when people and nature intersect. Our innovative and practical solutions create permanent public benefits.

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L.A. River Greenway Trail and Habitat Restoration
Transforming a barren, closed section of the L.A. River into a scenic and publicly-accessible trail to bridge the gap in the L.A. River Greenway Trail. Help restore a sustainable native forest by planting over 4,000 native trees and plants.

Green Solution Project
Cleaning up rivers, bays and ocean with cutting-edge technology and strategic conversion of paved public lands to "smart" green spaces that naturally clean polluted urban and stormwater runoff.

L.A. River Natural Park
Creating a state-of-the-art water quality park, preserving the last remaining unprotected open space along the LA River in the San Fernando Valley, and protecting regional public access to the LA River.

Water Quality Improvement Project
Cleaning up polluted waters throughout L.A. County's rivers, streams, lakes, bays and ocean


Baldwin Hills Park
The last, large undeveloped open space in urban Los Angeles offers an extraordinary opportunity to create One Big Park - a two-square mile urban park, natural and recreation area serving millions of nearby residents.


Upper Newport Bay
CCS directed efforts to restore critical wetlands and native habitats, provide public trails and protect endangered plants and animals in Southern California’s only intact coastal wetlands system.

Parks for Health Initiative
CCS’s Walk for Health Trail in the Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area promotes fun ways to prevent illness and to address serious health problems plaguing African-American and Latino communities.


Spring Street Center for L.A. Conservation Corps
CCS helped create the L.A. Conservation state-of-the-art facility to provide conservation education and job opportunities to L.A. County’s disadvantaged, inner-city youth.


El Monte Transit Village
Building an environmentally-friendly Transit-Oriented Development at L.A. County's busiest bus transit hub

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